Super Gripô

How to place the tree:

Set the locking mechanism in start position, make sure the lower 20cm of the tree is clean of branches .

Place the tree halfway down into the foot against the spike. Adjust the direction so that the tree is straight.


Push the tree down so that it rests on the spike. Lift the tree with the stand and push it down with a firm shock.

How to take the tree out:

Hold the tree and turn counter-clockwise until the springs open.


Lift the tree out of the stand.

Super Grip User Manual
This christmastree stand is invented, designed and developed by CCD INDUSTRIDESIGN in Norway. Nordic Innovation is the owner of the trademark "SuperGrip".The mechanism is patent pending. The design is registrated. Agents and retailers interested in this product are welcome to contact Nordic Innovation. Made by Koolaid Webservice, Powered by CMSimple .